The high cost of fuel could drive more people to convenience stores, according to new research.

IGD’s latest ShopperTrack found that people intend to shop less often and more locally because of high fuel prices. Half of the shoppers polled said they planned to use shops nearer to them in order to use their cars less, while a similar proportion said they would shop less frequently if petrol prices continued to rise.

Nearly a third (31%) said they would also consider shopping more online to save motoring costs. Shoppers with young children and those living in the north of England were most likely to be impacted by high fuel prices, the research found.

However, 77% of shoppers said they paid a bit extra for premium quality groceries, such as locally produced items and those with higher welfare standards.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive of IGD, said: “Petrol prices have shot up in the last two years forcing shoppers with cars to make tough decisions on how they spend their money. They are telling us they plan to prioritise groceries and petrol, while cutting back on other items.”