A quick-thinking retailer has helped put an attempted child abuser behind bars. 

Harekrishna Patel of Gold Street News in Northampton saw one of his regular customers being approached and searched in the shop by a stranger wearing a police uniform.
The man, Brandon Cunningham who has several convictions for sexual offences against children, led the customer out of the store prompting Harekrisnha to follow them. He demanded to see official identification from Cunningham and when this was refused, tackled him to the ground and held him until the police arrived.

Cunningham pleaded guilty to child abduction and has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. During the trial, the judge paid tribute to the retailer’s actions, saying that Harekrishna “behaved well beyond the call of duty” and recommended he be rewarded. 

“He should be commended and congratulated for the prompt actions he took,” the judge added. 

Harekrishna is being modest about his bravery, saying that he was just doing his civic duty. “I don’t think I deserve anything, I would have done it for anybody,” he said. “I have two sons and I just think I did my duty as a human being. I think anybody should do the same if they are worried something wrong is going on.”