The National Federation of Subpostmasters is among 16 organisations which have jointly written to the government warning of the consequences should it award the successor to the Post Office Card Account (POCA) to any company other than Post Office Ltd (POL).

The Counters Advisory Group (CAG), which is chaired by Postwatch and includes the Federation of Small Businesses and the Rural Shops Alliance, has written to Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell setting out concerns. The group is adamant that if POCA II is not awarded to POL, it would have a significant impact on the number of offices in the network.

CAG is also angry that the Department for Work and Pensions has issued what it believes is misleading information to customers on their current and future payment options, rather than make clear all available options, including POCA.

The government is expected to reveal which company will be granted the tender for the POCA II later this summer. 

London Mayor Boris Johnson has written to Secretary of State John Hutton calling on him to 'take urgent action to save the city's post offices'. Johnson believes London has experienced disproportionately high levels of branch closures compared with other areas.