Three larger format loaf cakes have been added to the McVitie’s Cake range.


Zingy lemon (238g) and sticky toffee (200g) are rolling out in the convenience channel this month in £1 pricemarked packs. An additional variant, rich chocolate, will join the range later this year.

Worth £259 million, sharing cakes are growing at 8.2% per year, while McVitie’s sharing cakes were purchased by 3.7 million household in the past 12 months, the company states. The soft, family-sized loaf cakes feature a serving suggestion on pack.

Claire Hooper, head of marketing at McVitie’s Cake Company, Pladis UK&I, commented: “During times of uncertainty shoppers tend to seek out sweet treats. We also know that more people than ever are relying on their local convenience stores, so it’s crucial that retailers ensure they stock up on familiar, leading brands like McVitie’s to drive sales in the cake aisle.

“The current circumstances mean shoppers have been spending far more time than usual in their own homes, and McVitie’s sharing cakes provide an opportunity for families or households to sit down, either with a cup of tea or as part of an extended mealtime occasion, and enjoy time together – and the recent surge in popularity for McVitie’s wholecakes, which have grown by 54% in the latest four weeks, suggests shoppers are doing exactly that.

“We’re confident the latest great-value additions to our range will prove a hit with shoppers now and in the months to come,” she added.