Plans to introduce a levy on Scottish shops selling alcohol in order to fund measures against anti-social behaviour have been criticised by retailers and trade associations.
Details of the tax are due to be formally announced in the spring, but Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill has outlined plans which would see proposals for a 'polluter' charge to be extended from pubs and clubs to every shop selling alcohol in Scotland.
Scottish Grocers' Federation chief executive John Drummond described plans for the levy as "headline-grabbing" and "fundamentally flawed".
He told Convenience Store:
"It would be unfair and disproportionate if a standard charge was introduced across the board. There are certain areas which would have a bigger problem with drink-related anti-social behaviour than others.
"There's also a huge mix of reasons why teenagers are able to get hold of alcohol. Retailers are an easy target, but it is not something we're ignoring. Retailers should be recognised for what they are doing to help - the sector has launched initiatives such as Challenge 21, No ID No Sale and refusals books."