Convenience Store readers are being offered free No ID No Sale retail packs from ID provider CitizenCard.

The new packs feature a window vinyl, CitizenCard application forms with dispenser, a refusals register and poster explaining which ID types are valid. All of the materials feature the No ID No Sale branding. The packs can be used in connection with Challenge 21 or Challenge 25 posters, and are the first to highlight that 18 is the legal age for knife sales.

ACS chief executive and director of CitizenCard James Lowman explained how important the No ID No Sale message is: “One mistake in serving a product to someone too young can cost your business dear, and showing your customers how seriously you take this issue is a crucial part of any strategy to protect your business.”

To get a free No ID No Sale pack contact CitizenCard on 0870 240 1221, or email and point out you are a C-Store reader.