Dee Bee, part of the Today’s Group, has invested more than £500,000 into opening a new cash and carry in Hull that is expected to create more than 35 jobs.

Parent company the Ramsden Group has served customers in North East Lincolnshire for 54 years and will serve as a business model for Dee Bee. The group has invested £1m in the Dee Bee business in IT, new offices, vehicles and product handling.

The store will open on Leads Road, providing 70,000 sq ft of space, holding 6,000 products, including alcohol, confectionery, soft drinks, snacks, grocery and catering lines.

Group managing director, Nick Ramsden, said: “We owned and operated a Dee Bee cash and carry on this site some 25 years ago. Since then, the property has been leased but the leaseholder is moving to a new, larger premise elsewhere in Hull so are delighted to be moving back into the city. Hull has one of the highest numbers of convenience stores per capita in the UK, we are taking our business closer to our customers.”

Dee Bee currently services around 40 convenience stores and pubs in Hull, representing 10% of the current turnover. The company plans to announce recruitment details in the New Year.