I’m sure retailers stuck in leasing arrangements with finance companies over failed photocopy firm Lanwall will be pleased to know that I have heard from Pam Hoffman, who campaigned on behalf of retailers for years, winning many judgements against Lanwall.

Although unwell lately, she offers her regards to you all via this column and has some further intelligence: “For your information, there was a court case going through, with Bank of Scotland (BoS) suing the retailer. After months of filling in forms etc, the retailer’s defence was filed. On reading it BoS immediately cancelled the case. While this was going on there were also two debt collection agencies banging away for money. BoS finally wrote and said they had closed the case and the debt was written off!”

Pam concludes: “I don’t think they liked what was in the defence and I now wonder if they might say enough is enough and, although the debt collectors will go on trying, apart from taking the duff machines as part of the debt (and this is what retailers should offer them) they are not going to get much more. It really is a case of stand firm!)