Here is an odd story. Kanwal Madher has run Anglesey Road News in Burton-on-Trent for 16 years. Some 300 yards down Anglesey Road was, until recently, Anglesey Road PO & News. Sadly, the store no longer houses the post office so that bit of the name was dropped and thus there were two Anglesey Road News stores. This has led to some confusion, ironically, with the post as well as suppliers.
The store recently changed hands and Kanwal rang me to see if anything could be done to clear up the confusion.
I did suggest a solicitor's letter, but she says the lawyer she spoke to said it would be both complicated and costly as all the other business had done was to drop part of their name as it no longer applied. (I think a pushy legal letter to the new owners about the embarrassment over suppliers - "we've heard you're selling up" - would be enough to make the new owners think again.)
There's only one last chance. Kanwal will have to approach the new owners. It might just work.