Some have been accommodated…others not

Ian Phipps wrote from Bolton that Camelot’s operating fees of £50 per month are more than he could make. He wanted to cancel his account but he didn’t seem to getting through. A spokesperson replied. “In the case of retailers with compact lottery terminals – like Mr Phipps – whose businesses are affected by Covid-19, we will waive their monthly operating fee for April and, and for those who were also impacted in March, we will issue a credit for that month.

“However, National Lottery retailers need to call us on 0800 8 40 50 60 to talk us through their individual circumstances, particularly if they’re looking to close for a period of time due to coronavirus. This will ensure that we can pause any Scratchcard or POS deliveries, as well as discuss options for any previous outstanding payments.”

Bhavin Patel says he took “the painful decision” to cease trading at Tyler’s Green Stores in North Weald, Essex, due to his several underlying health issues and he wanted assurance that his account would only be suspended until he could safely open again. Camelot replied: “In the case of Mr Patel, we have been in touch with him and reassured him that his National Lottery Retailer Agreement will not be affected by his decision to close because of Covid-19, and his National Lottery terminal will be operational once his store reopens. This policy is in place for any National Lottery retailer who needs to close because of the virus.”

However, Rama Varambhia (Snutch News, Leicester) says, because business is slow she and husband Subhash are only opening in the mornings. She says: “I rang Camelot saying that I would like to switch off the machine until things get back to normal. They said ok, but we still have to pay charges for it even if it is switched off.

Subhash says: At present we are charged £25 a month standing charge, or better put ‘idle standing charge’ for the Scratchcards.