Patrice Villeger is fighting his local landlord to allow him to sell burgers and hot dogs to local kids.
Bridgend County Borough Council, previously his landlord, sold on the property to Valleys to Coast Housing. When Patrice decided to upgrade his offering to include hot takeaway food, he contacted the council and got clearance. However, the landlord came down hard, with demands for a lot of money for breach of contract (the lease, you won't be surprised to learn, is a masterpiece of legalese).
Patrice has had to stop selling food and make a few members of staff redundant. He hasn't given up, though. He has a healthy, growing petition and is trying to follow up a High Court case that set a precedent in 1983. Alan Toft, then a grocery trade press editor and now leading the My Shop is Your Shop campaign, gave evidence in court at the time to support the argument that convenience stores are the same as supermarkets and can therefore sell whatever supermarkets sell, including food to go.
Alan is trying to chase up the details for this case.