What price loyalty? In the end, a compromise

Amar Dhillon emailed from Park Stores, Cheltenham that he used to get regular visits from Cadbury’s representative for years but the last call he’d had from the rep was in mid 2018. She left Mondelez to work in Amar’s local Booker branch. He adds that there was a vacancy for a replacement in his area for a long time. He was told that the company was going to recruit shortly.

“I again logged into my Mondelez Loyalty Account last week and it still shows that I’d earned £1,160.56. So I enquired again few days ago about visits by the company rep and I received a very unexpected response.”

Retailer services wrote to him: “I can confirm that the loyalty account was closed in 2019 due to no activity on the account for over 12 months and the rewards have now expired. We do not have a rep to call on your store at this moment in time as the account was removed from the call file.”

I put it to Mondelez that Amar had not been informed about the closure of the account nor the expiry of rewards earned.

A spokesperson for Mondelez International replied: “We recognise the great work convenience retailers do in their communities and are proud to support their businesses in many ways. Our loyalty scheme is one of the ways in which we thank and reward the retailers we work with for best-in-class display within the confectionery and biscuits categories. If a retailer finds they are not being called on by one of our representatives for any reason, they can still participate in the loyalty scheme via email. Any enquiry regarding our scheme can also be directed to us on retailer.services@mdlz.com, 0870 600 0699 or via the chat facility on www.deliciousdisplay.co.uk.

”Loyalty points are valid for a maximum of two years, and our terms and conditions (available on www.deliciousdisplay.co.uk) also clearly state that any account which has been inactive for more than 12 months will be closed. Furthermore, our team always communicate with customers these terms and conditions at the point of joining the scheme.

“We have been in contact with Amar Dhillon directly to discuss the specifics in his case.”

I checked back with Amar and he confirmed that the company had responded positively.

“The regional manager rang me and apologised for what has happened. He offered to give some free stock to the value of over £400 and has said that the rep will be calling from now onwards as the shop has been added to the rep’s call file.”