He had us all going for a while

I got a one-line email from Sila Mussa with a picture of a Cadbury Dairy Milk mini bar dispenser (42 x 18g) asking where he could lay his hands on some.

Seemed a reasonable request so I sent it on to the public relations company which got on to it straight away. When I got the reply that a rep would be contacting him I sent it on, asking Sila where he traded. The reply was: “I don’t trade. Have my own business here in Malawi Africa. Requirement is international.”

But he had told the PR company that he was trading as Bargainbuyz in Oadby, Leicester along with the cryptic note to ask for ‘Shakila if you are calling’.

I checked out Bargainbuyz and sure enough it’s there in Leicester, a family business selling kitchen appliances. Probably run by one of Sila’s rellies.

Gave us both a laugh anyway. And Mondelez is an international concern.