There was such a scrum I don’t know how the eggs survived

Eamon Mcclusky sent me some shocking footage of around eight blokes grabbing eggs directly off of a pallet at Booker’s Wimbledon branch. He says there is very little discipline there. The manager just sends the pallets out and they are either left in the aisle as in the video I saw or put straight on the shelving where there is so much lunging and shoving and grabbing that the pallets wind up falling off the shelving anyway.

He says: “Since the outbreak of the virus we have been busy in the shop so I have to go to the cash and carry every day.” He says the experience is quite scary what with queues outside in the morning and customers pouncing like vultures. “I’ve known the staff for many years as I’ve been going there since it was built 30 years ago and they are at breaking point.”

He was also concerned that customers didn’t seem to be taking the situation as seriously as they should. “They go home to their families afterwards.”

In the video I saw only one or two were wearing masks and they definitely weren’t distancing or taking what might be called reasonable precautions. Eamon worried that he lives with an elderly mother who is at risk (his parents started out at the Wimbledon store in the early Sixties).