Almost a third of small retailers can't afford to train their staff, according to new research.
A survey, carried out on behalf of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) by FreshMinds, found that 31% of small retailers feel they can't afford to properly train their staff and that almost one in five (19%) said they didn't have time to look for suitable training options.
In addition, 24% of those surveyed said that they believed employees do not
possess the right skills for the job. Despite this, 44% said they were prepared to invest in training and a majority of 74% believed that having employees with the right skills to do the job is essential.
The research was carried out to coincide with the launch of a new
advertising campaign supporting the LSC's Train to Gain service. National director of skills for employers at the LSC Jaine Clarke said: "Getting skilled is key to our future as a nation in a global economy. That's why we've invested in Train to Gain. We want it to be as easy as possible for people to access information and understand what help is available for them."
Londis retailer Alan Fincham, who owns a store in Attleborough, Norfolk, added: "It can be very easy to put training off but in the long term it's very worthwhile. With the right training, staff realise their worth and gain confidence. We've offered NVQ training for the past four years and now have a base of staff with A-level equivalents."