Last month I reported on the 'exclusive' nature of PayPoint when the company put a retailer on notice because he refused to remove a 3R top-up terminal that he had hosted for 15 years.
PayPoint did not get back to me with the 'agents non-competition covenant' in its contract in time for my deadline but now it has so, fair's fair, here's a bit about its policy. If you apply for a terminal and the company is interested (it has a waiting list of about 8,000 sites) it will send a business development executive (BDE), of which there are 47. There will be no pressure - not with that waiting list - and the BDE will spend up to two hours explaining what PayPoint provides and what
it expects.
Any competitors' terminals on site will be discussed. If the retailer has an existing contract with another terminal supplier, he or she will be asked to serve notice on it to comply with PayPoint's requirements.