Kulwinder Dehal had a couple of Eastern European blokes come into his Wine Happiness (Lifestyle Express) store in Birmingham a few weeks ago. Joy! They were going to have a party. And they wanted four cases (30 bottles) of Hennessy, Courvoisier and so on, some £450-worth. Kulwinder told them to wait outside while he got the stock ready (not daft is he?).

He says: “They had cash but asked for a discount. They counted out the cash on the counter and it was £5 short. They gave it to me and I counted it out… then one grabbed it and folded it and added a fiver from the other bloke. I counted it again and it was only £250.

“I said you’re trying to con me. They said ‘Well, we wanted a discount’. I said I’m calling the police, and they replied that they’d done nothing wrong.”

Kulwinder has it all on CCTV and has given it to the police, who say they can now pursue the case.

Lesson: “They didn’t expect me to count it again.”