This retailer thinks a load of monkeys are in charge

This came from an anonymous retailer who says he fears reprisals from the Co-op. He copied some posts from the Nisa Forum which highlights a problem today that goes back several years. He writes: “This problem of black bananas has been going on for over six years and is still as bad today as then. If bananas are delivered under 4 degrees they turn black; they either arrive in this state or within 24 hours of delivery. The simple solution is to use individual shrouds for every banana box delivered. Nisa/Co-op should deliver them in a shrouded cage, but due to space on lorries being an issue the banana boxes are just thrown on the top of the other chill cages or even frozen pallets.

“There has literally been hundreds of posts on the Nisa forum over the years about this problem. Nisa/Co-op might believe this to be a minor issue but in the food store of today the quality of the fruit and veg sold is very important to how customers view the individual store. We so called Partners are being ignored by the management at Nisa/Co-op.”

He also included posts by various others.

One of them, posted a year ago said: “Does it do any good complaining to the boys and girls at Nisa? Just type in ‘bananas’ in this forum search. We posted this same problem four years ago and six years ago and it just keeps on happening week after week, month after month, year after year. What is so hard in sorting this problem out with returnable single shrouds?”

There was quite a bit more in the same sort of vein.

I sent this on to both Nisa and the Co-op and got the following response from a spokesperson:

“We continue to work exceptionally hard during these unprecedented times to keep stock deliveries flowing to our partners and the quality and standards of these products is of upmost importance. We have recently seen a significant increase in demand for bananas which has reduced the availability of shroud on a small number of occasions but we have sourced additional covers in response to this sales uplift.”

I’m not sure this will cut much ice with Mr. Anon. And while he was at it, he took another swipe. “Co-op currently sells Andrex 9 roll at 4.99. Nisa price to retailers is over £6. Same with Schweppes 1ltr mixers – Co-op selling price £1.15, Nisa cost £1.42. Schweppes Lemonade 2ltr – Co-op selling £1, Nisa cost price £1.24.

“We were promised Co-op would be fair and ethical so why are their products not fairly or ethically priced? Can we know why we are being ripped off please?

“Nisa/Co-op partners are still being massively overcharged wholesale prices way over what Co-op company stores are actually retailing products for. It definitely is not what the Co-op ceo told us in their sales pitch on the Nisa takeover.”