Meds Merchandising

I’ve had several conversations with Saj Khan of Kashmir Stores in Huddersfield about the overhaul of his business that he is planning. He’s been there 30 years but has been casting about for advice and recommendations on shopfitters. A number of you have made recommendations which I have passed on to him. The latest came from Manu Ganesh who runs an independent shopfitting company Bargain Shop Equipment in Leicestershire.

Then Saj asked if I could recommend merchandisers which, if you think about it, is tricky. Once upon a time there were plenty of reps/merchandisers calling into stores with their planograms and discuss where the big sellers should be displayed. The other option is to join a group. If he did opt to become a Best-one which is what his local Batley’s suggested to him, then there would be plenty of advice both on what to stock and where to place it. The groups are all pretty sophisticated when it comes to the right ‘marketing mix’ for your demographic.

I also sent Saj a link to our own website ( for loads of articles on managing various categories instore including coffee, bread, soft drinks etc, with planograms and stats galore.

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