This was a bit of a mix-up that is happily sorted. Ranjit Uppal got in touch: “PayPoint made me put a bond down, £14,000 for two terminals. It’s been over a year now and they say it is for ever. Help please.”

This hefty bond was because Ranjit had missed some direct debit payments in 2013 and 2014 and PP turned the terminals off in his Lifestyle Express stores in Ormskirk and Lancaster. I got in touch with PP and Steve O’Neill, group marketing director, replied: “In this instance, we didn’t receive a cash bond, but a bank guarantee from Mr Uppal’s bank. We’re not sure what fees, if any, Mr Uppal pays for this, but we don’t hold any cash from him.

“Although we state the bond is for the lifetime of the product, we aim to remove the need for it after about 18 months of no direct debit failures. At this point, a retailer would have to pass through financial accreditation again.

“Given that the last time Mr Uppal failed a direct debit was in January 2014, we would be happy for Mr Uppal to pass through the accreditation process again and remove the need for the guarantee.”