In the last issue we pursued the Holy Grail of trying to find a supplier of fresh meat complete with controlled atmosphere packing to extend its shelf life. Chris Ray (Pound Road Stores, Bristol) wanted to offer customers a complete meal solution, as the marketing men and women say today. He had a good supplier in Shepton Mallet, but the prices were too high and the goods sat on the shelf for too long.
We tried several avenues to no avail, then Chris went back to his original supplier to try to get better prices. "I was somewhat taken aback to discover that he had been supplying me at the same prices as a van sales operator who was selling to other shops in darkest Somerset. In other words, there was an additional margin in the price."
He continues: "After a few more prods the prices are down, quality is good and sales are up."
His supplier is Jon Thorner Meats of Shepton Mallet (01749 830138) and he can supply within 20 miles
of Shepton.
Chris adds: "Now if only I could find a way of selling fruit & veg which wasn't prepacked and didn't need expensive scales..."