Well, not so much new. Actually, all this middle-aged national treasure did was to get a new coat. Cue national headlines, petitions, protest songs and All Because the Lady Loves… oops, fell into the wrong slogan there… and all because Cadbury has changed the milk chocolate covering its Creme Eggs. It’s been called a ‘scandal’ and there have been calls for boycotts.

On the egg’s own Facebook page some people are denouncing it as ‘horrible’ and ‘cheap and American’.

Apparently, about 200 million sell every year - no doubt you personally are responsible for some of these sales. And I expect people will still buy them.

What do think of the change? I don’t have an opinion (except that Kraft/Mondelez should never have been able to get its hands on Cadbury in the first place) because I don’t have a sweet tooth. And apparently the new version is sweeter, so I would like it less. Can’t they do a bacon-wrapped one?