What extraordinary times and extraordinary people

You should all be very proud of yourselves: front line workers every one of you. I know you’ve had to adjust hours, certainly adjust stock and ways of delivering the goods. But you have delivered and continue to do so. More power to your elbow.

Spare a thought then for Rakesh Sood, stuck in India. Some repatriation is promised for later this week (at the time of writing); meanwhile the debt collecting lawyers for their client Western Union have put on hold their demands for money until 1st June. I last featured him in the 20 March issue. He told Western Union he was selling up; they ignored it and continued to bill him for his successor’s failed payments.

And lastly I would like to add my tribute to the many that have been posted for Spar owner Raj Aggarwal, who died of coronavirus. I remember interviewing him when he was a Londis retailer. He was held up as an example of what Londis aspired to for all its retailers. He was a first class retailer and a first class gent. RIP Raj.