Dave Fenwick, who owns two stores, one at Wootton Bassett and another at Marlborough in Wiltshire, rang to say he had just been robbed - twice.
His son-in-law was running the Marlborough branch when a swarm of East Europeans came in.
One lady had the son-in-law show her where the baby food was; another was at the counter discussing suitable products for diabetics; and other members of the gang were even keeping the other customers distracted by asking various questions.
Within two minutes someone got out the back and, using a skeleton key, relieved the safe of its contents, £3,000. "I'd have had a job getting the cash out that quick myself," says Dave.
He's annoyed that the police haven't circulated the CCTV film that 'captured' the crooks, especially as he read in his local paper that an off licence in Swindon had suffered the same fate.
And the second robbery? Axa won't cover him because there was no break-in.