We have had a rather shocking question on email from someone called Jack. Goes like this: "I have been employed at a Londis store for 16 months. I work 35 to 46 hours per week, depending on school holidays. My only day off is Saturday. In the time I have worked I have had no holiday pay and worked all bank holidays without been offered a day in lieu. I am the shop manager and do most of the shop ordering, all for £6.50 per hour, and I have no contract. What are my rights?"

The answer is that employees, either full- or part-time, have entitlements, including paid holidays, minimum wage and a contract of employment.

Jack was entitled to a written statement of particulars of employment within two months of starting work which would have set out all the rules, entitlements and obligations.

I hope he took my advice to consult ACAS, who can intervene on his behalf.