Just enough space left for a regular, and thoroughly justified, whinge about news wholesalers - both of them.

Asif Mahmood, whose Spar trades in Oakley, Fife, is disgusted with non-delivery of papers and has written a strong letter to Menzies to complain. Jeez, 51 papers short on a Sunday, that's a big miss Menzies.

"Their non-delivery on Sunday June 13 is not the first time this has happened hence my letter," says Asif. He wanted this publicised because "there will be other retailers suffering the same fate, but keeping quiet about it".

Gurdev Singh, who runs Linskill Store in Newcastle, has similar problems with Smiths.

He says: "Copies are late or missing and customers won't wait. I try to speak to a supervisor, but they say you can only leave a message. They don't ring back."