This is the feedback slot. Chris Blakey (The Paper Shop, Halifax) has been in touch. Yes it’s him again, as featured in our last issue with definitive info on coins of the realm. Chris is a university graduate and a very lively retailer with, I suspect, useful input on most subjects. He tells me that the quest for suitable plastic wallets for Lotto payslips should be shelved for a little while because Camelot is planning to relaunch all the Lotto payslips at the end of October.

They will be easier to use, brighter coloured and, more importantly, a different size. They will be lengthened by about 25mm to be same length as the Euro Millions payslips. He adds that he got his wallets by smiling nicely at the cigarette sales reps, to which his Camelot rep said “That’s where most people get hold of them.”

Far more surprising was an email I received from a representative of the printer of this magazine, Wyndeham Press Group. Andrew Keighley wrote to suggest that the group might have an automated answer to this plastic wallet problem, whereby stores can create their own design, add dynamic text, drop in a logo and place the order online. Andrew intends to ask Camelot to subsidise some of the initial start-up costs so that retailers can get them cheaply. Come on Camelot – this sounds like a good cause.