In the last issue I discussed coins of the realm, prompted by a call from Binz Sidhu in Telford who wondered whether it was okay to accept coins from the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and so on. He had been told they were okay/they were not okay and I made the sarcastic point that every time you consult two experts, you get two differing opinions. Then I quoted the Royal Mint, which confirmed such currency is not legal tender in mainland Britain. Then the Mint advised that English notes are not legal tender in Scotland or Northern Ireland but the other way round is okay.

This prompted a response from Chris Blakey, who runs The Paper Shop in Halifax, who says that according to the Bank of England (BofE), who are in charge of notes, not coins (the responsibility of the Mint), only BofE notes are legal in England! So where does this leave us? All I can add is: I told you so. Consult two experts and you get two opinions.