My 'wee' story in the last issue has prompted several people to get in touch telling me that urine is 'sterile-ish' stuff. But that doesn't mean people should go around weeing wherever they like. The retailer who first contacted me says she has now had a response, via her local MP, from Anne Milton MP, Minister for Public Health.

She writes: "Ms Milton tells me that 'urine is sterile and generally non-toxic', which leads me to wonder if that means 100% non-toxic or whether there's a small risk involved. So I'll be following this up with her. She also suggests that the incident might be a contravention of the local bylaws which isn't much help either.

"I can only presume that the authorities are quite happy for children (and adults) to wee on anything they like, without there being anything we can do about it as retailers. Another reason to reinforce the washing of fruit before eating it, if ever there was one!"

She is still hoping for some sensible debate on this subject.

I rather liked my northern correspondent's take on this. Glyn Reece (Penny's in Chester) had a couple of double glazing salesmen pay a visit. When they were shown the door they went round the back and one of them whizzed on the bins. It was caught on camera and Glyn, who did not regard this as a piddling incident, chased the bloke down the road and frog-marched him back to the shop. After threatening him with charges of public indecency (caught on camera, remember), he gave him a stiff brush, a bucket of water and disinfectant, and made him clean up the area. Which he did. On his knees.