Here’s another retail-detail query that I get from time to time. Karamjit Rai, who runs Raisway in Derby, wanted to know if he could split up multipacks of Coke that he bought in 6x330ml, three to an outer configurations at the cash and carry. “An outer of 24 costs £4.99,” he points out, “and the margins are better if I sell singles for 55p. All around its rim it says ‘multipack cans’, but it doesn’t say it cannot be sold separately.” I asked Karamjit whether he has a scanning system, because if he had the singles would not have a bar code. However, he doesn’t. So I rang the Trading Standards Institute and asked whether you could split packs and whether you had to adhere to any prepricing printed on packs. The press officer said: “Funnily enough, I’ve got a can of Coke in front of me right now that I just bought and it doesn’t have a bar code on it either.” He adds: “You can overprice, although the best practice is not to. The second best practice is to make sure the new price is stuck on and cannot be removed.” The main thing is to make sure that the price is clear, which Karamjit has done. In terms of labelling law, the required info on the label is the manufacturer’s name, list of ingredients, quantity contained and any pertinent warnings about additives and so on.