The great Polish food rush, which saw many stores stocking up on foreign flavoured meats and pickles to cater for the incoming workers from Poland, is over. Many of the Poles have gone home, taking with them the demand for some of the lines.

Superna Patel, whose Londis store is in Hounslow, West London, got caught with chilled Polish goods that wouldn't shift, but thought she would be okay because she had bought the stock on sale or return from Middlesex-based Foodart UK.

"The first couple of times it worked," says Superna, "but by the time the third order came in December demand had tapered off. Then the rep didn't come and is not answering his mobile. I've left about 10 messages. I don't mind about the dried goods but the chilled have made me a loss of about £500. If it hadn't been promised sale or return I would have been more careful."

I spoke to the company. The woman who answered the phone said she would look into it and when I checked back with Superna she had had a call from the same woman and a promise of settlement by February 23. "Well, the day came and went and still nothing," says Superna.

She is now going to complain to Trading Standards, which may take an interest here, especially as Superna had noticed that the contents of some of the grocery outers came with two different date codes.