Robert Gordon, financial controller of JG Ross Bakers which runs four convenience stores and 21 bake shops in Aberdeenshire, got in touch to air his frustration with Payzone.

The group are with Barclaycard, terminal-wise, but last October Barclaycard apparently formed a partnership to switch the e-top up element of the service to Payzone. JG Ross group got a letter to inform them of the change, but then nothing. "On November 1, the service stopped dead," explains Robert.

There ensued, for the next six months, a to-ing and fro-ing of paperwork. The application form didn't ask for the terminal numbers, but Robert provided them anyway. When he chased it up he was told that he should have had a separate form for terminal numbers. He was then told that the application had gone missing he says the paperwork went back and forth at least four times. Because of how complicated it all got, he reduced the number of terminals required from seven to three.

"It became quite farcical and in the end I lodged a formal complaint with both Barclaycard and Payzone."

Whereas the former has been very solicitous, he says Payzone has been the opposite.

To date, only two of the three terminals required have been installed and Payzone's latest response has been to say that it had one site running, one site pending and hadn't had the application paperwork for the third. "This is strange because all three were on the same sheet," points out Robert.

He has also had no terms and conditions or commission rates and when he queried this he was told that Barclaycard had asked Payzone to withhold them in this case. He says this makes no sense: "Why would Barclaycard cherry pick?"

Payzone customer service director James Lewis has responded: "We are very sorry to hear that Mr Gordon has had some difficulty with the transfer of his e-top up service to Payzone. However, we have checked our records and it appears that two of the three stores in question are accepting e-top ups successfully. We understand the third store is also capable of accepting e-top ups, but that no transactions are currently being performed.

"Without question, we are keen to quickly resolve any problems that remain for Mr Gordon and will be more than happy to provide duplicate copies of our terms and conditions and commission rates should these be required.

"Upon hearing about his complaint, we tried to contact Mr Gordon directly and are now very keen to understand more about the issues that he has experienced and explore how we can improve our service in the future."

Robert, between sighs, has allowed that it might be down to "teething troubles".