John Inglis emailed me after he read the story about the retailer who sent back a load of duff watches but got charged for the freight. Trading standards wouldn’t help. 

John writes: “We wanted to buy a TV for the office from Comet that we could use to play back video tapes so that we did not disrupt the cctv system. When we tried to purchase it using a business credit card we were told that, since we were a business, we had only a seven-day warranty.”

John rang Comet’s head office and was informed that the item actually had no warranty if sold to a business. “Up to this point I had purchased kettles, vacuum cleaners and phones and at no point did anyone advise me about lack of warranty for trade customers,” says John.

Now he only buys using his personal credit card or cash.

He adds: “We rang trading standards and their comment was that trading standards was for ‘customers only’ and not business users. I thought since we were customers of Comet they may be interested, but no.”

Sound like double standards to me.