The Daily Record is Asif Mahmood's biggest-selling daily paper. He sells about 200 copies a day from his Spar store at Oakley in Fife. But for the past six weeks, about half his customers have been coming in daily with 20p-off vouchers, which reduce the price of the newspaper to just 15p. Asif is paid a 2p handling fee per paper and then has to send off the money-off vouchers by recorded delivery at a cost of about two quid. Those quicker at sums than I am will have already worked out that he is being paid only enough to cover the postal cost.

It's all very time-consuming for him and his staff (whom he pays between £5.50 and £6 an hour, so he would prefer they spent their time more lucratively for the good of the business).

The Daily Record says it plans to continue this promotion until May. "All of our staff and, I have to say, some of our customers, have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the hassle factor that's involved," says Asif. "Why can't they just reduce the cost of their paper to 15p, along with an advertising programme to make the customers aware?"

I think I know the answer to that one. It would go down a treat, until May. Then, when the Daily Record upped its price to 35p again, its audience would be bleating about the sudden 20p increase and accuse the newspaper of profiteering. In marketing terms it would be suicide.

Asif has written to the editor of the newspaper but 10 days later - as this is being written - he had not received an acknowledgement.

He is now considering whether to continue stocking the Daily Record and he wants to know if there are any other retailers out there who are of a similar mind to him. Let me know.