Brian Fitzgerald, who has run Silverwood Stores in Peterborough for 20 years, can’t stand listening to music in shops. “I’m always complaining about it,” he says, “in Asda and in Morrisons it’s so loud that I sometimes jokily ask them ‘have you ever thought of playing music in your store?’ I find it very distracting.”

I wonder if they are dutifully paying up for their Performing Rights Society licence, which brings me to the point of this piece. Brian wrote to me to complain about the tone of the letters he had received from the PRS. (As regular readers will know, the current PRS blitzkrieg on retailers has been a recurring refrain).

“The first letter was headed ‘Are you breaking the law?’ followed by a lengthy explanation of the PRS,” says Brian. He assumed this was for general information and ignored it, for obvious reasons. “Then I received another letter headed ‘Are you continuing to break the law?’ All this without any personal contact from the PRS to check their facts.”

Brian then wrote a stiff letter telling them not to contact him again unless it’s to apologise. No prizes for guessing that they didn’t. The PRS has told me that these letters are sent out by agencies – I think that makes them like call centres and we all know how polite most of them are.