A retailer who has requested to remain anonymous emailed the following: “I have a Nisa store. Been told recently that my shop may need to get a new shop refit by my local Nisa representative to get it to the latest Nisa ‘spec’. Been given a couple of recommended shop fitters by Nisa namely Jordon’s or Active shopfitters. Can you please investigate for me as to whether or not these Nisa reps get any commission from these shopfitters because I think it is wrong to push certain ventures on to retailers knowing there is a certain commission ‘carrot’ dangling for them if they get it done.”

Nisa was very forthright on the subject.

A Nisa spokesman said: “We are very clear that no one in the Nisa team has been tasked with pushing new refits on partners, as we are aware of the commitment this entails on the part of the retailer. If the partner is still carrying an old fascia, the opportunity to upgrade will be discussed as a standard point of improving and growing the store but there is no obligation to do so.

“We can also state categorically that no one at Nisa gets commission for getting a shop fit or for the use of a specific contractor.

“With regards the contractors, both those mentioned are Nisa approved contractors and ultimately this is to support partners by ensuring the contractor has been vetted and the work they complete is of a high standard, and that only approved refrigeration and shelving etc is used to guarantee an excellent and durable finish.

“If any partner of Nisa has any questions about their business, we have a highly trained and dedicated team who will happily help, and we would encourage our retailers to speak to them.”