There has been some feedback following the story in my last column that related Jay Parmar's problems getting supplies of money for his Cardpoint ATM machine.
Nisa member Justin Smart, who runs the whopping 25,000sq ft Stan's Superstore at St Martins in Shropshire, has recorded a catalogue of errors including problems with the cassette, the modem and the money (lack of). He feels it adds up to breach of contract on Cardpoint's part.
Ken Naran, another Nisa member in Manchester, said he "just turned the damn thing off" and in the end it was taken away. He now has a self-fill machine and is making £900 a month compared with £150. His tip: keep track of the dates and times of calls to the company so you can prove you've had difficulties should it come to court.
A Mansfield retailer made the mistake of re-signing the Cardpoint contract for another seven years. The store is about to be sold and the buyer doesn't want the machine. Cardpoint says it wants £42,000 in cancellation fees.
I made several more attempts to talk to someone at Cardpoint. The company told me that my request for a response had been passed to a public relations firm but could not tell me who the PR firm was, or when they would be in touch. However, moments before my deadline for this copy, the PR company contacted me. Space will be reserved next issue for Cardpoint's reply.