I get complaints about Cardpoint all the time - a sure sign the company is pushing to the front of its sector in supplying ATMs. Many complain about being stuck in a contract, especially as demand for the rather expensive service dwindles. One rang this week to say she is trying to sell her store and there was still three years left to run on the contract.
She is worried that her buyer might not want to take it on. The ATM used to do good business with about 500 hits a month, but now it's down to 80 because there's a Tesco Express up the road and Cardpoint put the transaction cost up to £1.99.
When she discussed cancellation it wanted £9,000 for lost revenue.
A discussion with her solicitor is obviously in order.
Paul Dulai, who runs a Costcutter in Hartlepool, has had several issues with his Cardpoint ATM. In 2004 he was getting 50p a transaction. By 2006, he was doing far fewer transactions. In October Cardpoint wrote to say there would be no transaction fees paid on the first £150. He switched the machine off and told them to take it back. They wanted £8,000 (in lost revenue). He went to see his solicitor, who said Cardpoint couldn't make that stick and who wrote on Paul's behalf.
In February Cardpoint changed its mind and told Paul he would be paid full commission from zero cash withdrawals and the commission would be backdated.