I’ve had Alvin Wilkinson on from his store, Countdown in Hornsea, Yorkshire. Regulars may remember a series of articles earlier this year where I chronicled Alvin’s run-ins with East Riding of Yorkshire council over his outside displays of fruit and veg and, in a final twist, an objection to his flower displays!

He now reports back that all is serene on the Hornsea front.

After the flowers episode, back in May, Alvin complained to the boss of the bloke who had stood haranguing him for an hour over the flowers (and who subsequently accused Alvin himself of causing an obstruction while he stood in the street for an hour being told off).

You couldn’t make it up.

“The boss said leave it with me, and I’ve heard nothing since,” says Alvin. “And everybody else is doing it now. The café round the corner even has a church pew with pillows on it so people can sit down. Nearly every shop has something out the front now.”

There is always strength in numbers.

Alvin says the displays have had a huge impact. “It has made a big difference to our takings.”

Hornsea is a seaside resort, although the council has apparently designated it as a ‘town by the sea’ and removed the amusements such as the helter-skelter and grassed over the paddling pool/boating lake.

Presumably, the council was going for a more refined look and possibly that was why the council bloke gave Alvin such a hard time. But I’ll bet his street looks a lot livelier now.