Vijay Badiani, who runs Netherton Food & Wine in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was ticked off when he got a letter from Npower in January telling him that his contract would be up in March but also that 90 days notice was required. So oops, too late, you're on a rollover.
When he complained the energy supplier said it had notified him in December but he has a record that on December 21 he spoke to Npower to check the prices and notified the company that he had found cheaper.
There was no offer to match the price. Someone just said, "We will make a note on our computer."
I put Vijay onto Energyhelpline (tel: 0800 970 2626) and he also wrote, recorded delivery, putting in his notice for next year.
Then he had a bright idea. "I've got a couple of domestic properties and I'm going to tell them that, if they can't get me better prices for my business, I'm moving my other properties to a different tariff - they're not on a contract."
When I rang him back to see if it had worked, he said no, it hadn't. Someone at the company had said, once again, "We will make a note."
Vijay has moved his two domestic properties to Eon and his brother, who has two opticians businesses, one with Npower, will be moving his business too.
This company might be powerful, but I don't think it's all that smart to lose so much for the sake of not matching a price.