A nice email arrived from Mukund Samani, who runs Samani Trading Co in Leicester, saying: “On Thursday I read Charan Singh’s story in this section (1 August 2014) and on Friday I received a call from a rating consultancy company.

“As a one-man band retailer it’s always difficult to communicate with strange callers due to being busy serving customers or doing some other work, but I think this caller deliberately was not speaking clearly and loud enough. When I said sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to say, straightaway the female caller was clear enough and said don’t worry I will send you a letter explaining everything and I realised what she was trying to do.

“Normally I prefer written communication rather than telephone, but in this instance I declined the offer. Thanks to this magazine.”

(For those who missed it, Charan Singh agreed to receive ‘information’ about rates, based on the spurious notion that the government was about to change the rules. He signed for the paperwork from a parasitic company that has been attempting to stitch him up to the tune of £600 ever since. A lot of hassle along the way. Also heavy irony as the Singhs pay almost no rates at the moment.)