A regular correspondent from Hertfordshire asked to be anonymous this time because he had a rant about PayPoint, which he regards as a necessary evil so doesn't want to rile them.
"They have a new idea," he says, "whereby they send offers to people on their mobile phones. The customer brings the mobile to the counter, we scan it on the PayPoint terminal, then we scan the products on offer at the counter. We are scanning here, scanning there. The customers get their discounts and we do all this for nothing."
I spoke to Hugh Arnott at PayPoint who explained that the company's new Shop Scan Save (SSS) differs from a normal top up or bill payment in that the retailer is selling something physical rather than just collecting money on behalf of a third party. The sale of the promoted item is at full current in-store price and the payment to the retailer comes automatically through PayPoint directly into the bank account in around six working days. So you don't have to keep the coupons (as you did with the old clipped variety) and send them off to a redemption house for reimbursement. Also no postage and no coupons going astray or out of date.