We all like a good 'goss', don't we?
So here I am trying out another new slot. Previous slots such as praising local authorities (October 20) just didn't catch on. So here goes.
I am reliably informed that Paul Burrell, one time butler to Princess Diana and I'm a Celebrity contestant, has become the independent sector's very own celebrity off licensee. He was granted a licence in late January for his gift and flower shop at Farndon in Cheshire, to sell upmarket booze from 9am till 5.30pm, six days a week. You read it here first (unless, of course, you read the Chester Chronicle).
And if you read The Times at the weekend you will also know that my contact at Camelot (a press officer) has left after she was rumbled pretending to be someone else while consulting a world lottery expert, seemingly to help Camelot's chances of winning, erm, the lottery again in the next round. The expert caught her out when he tried to email back to her fictitious persona and got an out-of-office reply from Camelot.
I have no doubt that I now have a new contact at Camelot - but, no, it still won't help me to help any of you get the lottery.
And, finally, at least two people over the ago of 80 were asked by Morrisons' staff for proof of age when attempting to buy alcohol.
The pensioners in York may be railing at chairman Ken Morrison (75), but he is standing by his decision. The policy was adopted after Morrisons got caught in a trading standards sting. Perhaps they should call it Challenge 90.