Here are two tips from a live wire on how to make savings on telephone bills and those soaring electricity and gas prices. Jeanette Cranfield, who trades in Godalming, Surrey, switched from BT to XLN last spring and found that her bills went down dramatically. She had been paying about £150 a quarter to BT, but her post-switch quarter was down to £90 – a really good saving.

She has sent me the company’s rates, which are claimed to be the lowest around. UK calls are capped at 10p up to one hour and calls to mobiles are capped at 30p up to an hour. International calls are claimed to be 95% cheaper than BT.

“The company contacted me via a cold call,” says Jeanette, “so I said send me the info and it complied. I’ve now switched my private telephone to it as well.”

When I spoke to Jeanette in December to make sure she was still happy with the service, she had just received her next quarter bill and the rate has stayed down, so she is delighted. Jeanette is now researching energy prices and sent me a cutting from the Sunday Times which suggests that any small business suffering from rising energy costs should consult the Energy Helpline – – for advice. Energy Helpline is a broker that will source the cheapest energy prices for you, and the service is free. It makes its money from the new supplier. So, there you go, something for nothing and they save you money on top!