With all the doom and gloom of government cuts and rising prices, it’s encouraging to have a few positive things to write about. 

The government’s Red Tape Challenge is the first sign that David Cameron is going to fulfil his promise to cut back on the red tape burden that has been suffocating us all for so long. Hopefully, this isn’t just political spin and only time will tell how effective it will be, but the key is that we have an opportunity to be heard and it is important that we all seize it.

Employment law and health and safety legislation are the two areas that impact on me the most, and if they could be simplified I could spend less time in the office, stuck behind the computer, and more time on the shop floor overseeing my business. 

No longer would I live in fear of being sued by a customer who trips on a stray packet of Polos, a scenario for which I do not have a risk assessment. 

No more sleepless nights fretting over whether I will have to attend an employment tribunal to defend my decision to “kick out” a dishonest member of staff.

The other good news is the wonderful weather we have all enjoyed in the past few weeks. It’s been a real bonus, although most of my increased profits will be eaten up by the significantly larger wage bill resulting from the four bank holidays in 11 days. With luck the showery rain forecast for the next few days won’t last long, and the summer of 2011 will become one of those memorable hot ones.

It’s been manic at my local Booker branch and a real test of their distribution systems, but stock availability has been excellent. Far better than one of my delivered wholesalers. They were due to deliver on Good Friday, and I’m still waiting! 

Soft drinks, ice cream, beer and wine have been the big movers, but all the benefits are undone if you can’t replenish your shelves.