A Costcutter store which suffered months of trouble from local youths has fought back with the help of the local authority and the police.

The Southfields Drive store in Leicester cut its night-time opening hours after frightened staff were repeatedly abused and spat at by gangs of up to 20 youths. Graffiti and shoplifting were rife, together with underage drinking outside the shop's entrance.
Challenging the yobs simply met with reprisals, with one member of staff having his tyres let down after refusing to serve alcohol to a youth.
The store owners called a summit meeting with staff, Leicester City Council officers, local councillors and the police to tackle the situation.
"The meeting went very well," said manager Gayna Bacon. "The police have promised regular patrols past the store - something we didn't have before - and there will also be regular phone contact to make sure things are okay.
"The staff now feel reassured because of the steps that are being taken."
She added: "Every gathering of youths will be logged and reported, and the railings outside the store, on which the yobs sit, will be taken down or made uncomfortable.
"We'd all had enough. You don't come to work to be spat at. But it was great to be able to get the local authority, the police and, importantly, the staff together to get something concrete out of it."