A Costcutter forecourt store in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, has seen weekly sales rise by 25% since introducing the UK’s first partnership with Asian bakery Yaadgaar.

After a £1.2m rebuild, the Ravensthorpe store worked closely with Costcutter to develop an extended convenience range including food to go, PayPoint, National Lottery, fresh flowers, fuel, free cashpoint and the new bakery.

The new Yaadgaar bakery section of the store now has seating and a range of baked goods including fresh cakes, biscuits and savoury items as well as personalised celebratory cakes, all-day English breakfasts and burgers.

Yusuf Hans, one of five brothers in the family company MA Hans & Sons Ltd, said: “Our plan was always to invest in the Ravensthorpe site, given the location and large community. As well as stocking quality everyday essentials customers would expect to find in their local convenience store, we wanted to ensure our store stands apart from our competitors. After speaking with regular customers and the local community about what they would like to see, we made the decision to introduce the Yaadgaar bakery into the store.

“As well as offering international treats, we also provide all day English breakfasts, lunch items such as burgers and samosas, chai lattes, Asian sweets and bakery goods, to keep people coming in throughout the day and evening. Our food-to-go offering now generates 25% of weekly sales and that figure is growing each month.”

The 3,000sqft Gulf forecourt store on Huddersfield Road, Ravensthorpe is a family-owned business that has been operating for 25 years. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.