Convenience Store Champions Front

Who are the Convenience Store Champions?

Convenience Store Champions is a collection of top retailers who provide regular insight, information and advice to other retailers on the key issues affecting the sector. 

Who can become a Convenience Store Champion?

Anyone who wins a store award at The Convenience Awards will be invited to become a Convenience Store Champion. The team will also invite selected retailers to become a Convenience Store Champion if they display any of the following attributes:

  • An innovative approach to retailing
  • Excellent community spirit
  • Supporting or campaigning for the convenience sector
  • Strong leadership or mentoring qualities

Why should you want to be a Convenience Store Champion?

Being a Convenience Store Champion is a confirmation of the excellent work that a retailer and their team is doing in their store or business. Since its inception, the Convenience Store Champions has featured some of the top retailers in the UK, helping them impart their experience, wisdom and expertise to other retailers. Being part of the Convenience Store Champions is a networking opportunity via exclusive face-to-face events as well as being recognised by fellow retailers, symbol groups and suppliers that you are one of the top retailers in the country.

If you’d like to become a Convenience Store Champion, get in touch with a member of the team here or enter The Convenience Awards.