Deep discounts on Champagne and Prosecco lent some extra fizz to retailers’ sales over the festive period.

Sales of Spar’s own label Perlezza Prosecco was up 67.4% over the eight weeks to 28 December.

Retailer John Mitchell of Spar Ceres, Cupar, Scotland said he sold 55 magnums of Perlezza priced at just £13.33 over the festive period alone.

Sales of the regular sized bottles priced at £6 were also “significantly up” on last year.

“I currently have over 12 facings of Prosecco in my Ceres store alone,” he said. “The reputation of Prosecco has increased immeasurably and with such fantastic value price points it’s fast becoming the drink of choice for female shoppers over wine.”

“The margins are decent too, around 16% which is more than we tend to make on regular wine these days,” he added.

Sales of Prosecco were also up by 40% on last year at Premier retailer Linda Williams’ store in Edinburgh. ”We had Vino Spumante prosecco DOC which was on promotion at £6 and Canti at £8.99. It’s fantastic value, so people are buying more!” she added.

Meanwhile sales of Lidl’s Comte De Senneval champagne priced at £11.99 out sold semi-skimmed milk (it’s usual top seller) by a “significant margin”.