Budgens retailers are reporting flourishing fresh produce sales thanks to a new category development initiative which groups linked products in specially-created seasonal displays.  

Sales of English asparagus doubled when sited next to jars of hollandaise sauce and Sauvignon Blanc, Budgens brand owner the Musgrave Group said.

In Chalfont, Budgens retailer Kevin Whalley sold more than 200 bunches of asparagus a week, and an extra two cases of wine a day, as a result of the initiative. 

“This new category development approach has revitalised our seasonal table,” Kevin said.

Jersey Royal potatoes next to potted mint also saw mint sales rise by 500%.

Every three weeks the Budgens fresh produce team visit a different store to build a new display. Pictures are then sent to all Budgens retailers with clear instructions on how to build an effective display using boxes and wicker baskets to create in-store theatre.

Current linked deals in Budgens stores include English strawberries, meringues and cream. Budgens retailers are also expecting plump sales of pick and mix tomatoes in the weeks to come.

Sales are expected to double to 20,000 cases over the summer when stores link them with potted basil and Union Jack branded pick-and-mix paper bags.